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Digital Marketing is the new ‘Marketing’ job to be in. If numbers and statistics are anything to go by you can be rest assured that this is one career you do not want to miss out on. As per recent market hiring trend reports, upto 65 percent of organizations based in Dubai and globally are looking to hire digital marketers.

Landing one can be hard, but never impossible. The great thing about digital marketing is that it does not take years or degrees for one to master the art. All it takes is an affordable amount of time and good amounts of skill. The learning material is available a plenty and anyone, from a fresher to someone looking for change in jobs can look towards this career stream.

This blog is a quick pocket guide to landing one in 5 steps. So here’s how:

Tips to Get a Digital Marketing Job in Dubai

The Basics

Ensure that you have a stable understanding of digital marketing fundamentals. It’s ideal that you go with a recognized course such as one which google offers. For a quick walkthrough , take separate courses on Facebook Ads, Google Ads and Google Analytics, along with an all encompassing SEO and digital marketing course

Build a portfolio

 It is recommended that to improve your portfolio , you can create a test website (preferably yours) and start experimenting on it. Offer work for free for friends, family or colleagues and use that as a learning platform.

Ramping up Experience

Becoming an SEO expert in dubai does take time and experience. It is recommended that you take internships and offer freelance work. This will enable you to collaborate with seasoned experts who can provide a whole new scale of informative help.

A Blog’s the way!

Start your own blog. This is the best way to hone your skill. Apply what you know about SEO, Social Media Marketing and Content creation. You can use wordpress as the kickstart CMS software to launch your blog. Nothing more perfect than showcasing the ranking of your blog to a prospective employer.

Link in with your LinkedIn

A strong social media presence is unavoidable for anyone who works in digital marketing. And when it comes to businesses, having a strong LinkedIn presence is paramount. Create your own monthly calendar and post regularly. Build your professional network, it will pay huge dividends during your job search.

Finally remember to keep applying for jobs actively. There are tons of SEO and digital marketing agencies in Dubai, which offer good pay and lots of clients to spruce up your resume in the long run. Furthermore larger companies also require in-house digital marketing teams, so you can find your perfect job there too. Good luck on the job hunt.

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