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Five proven on-page SEO tips to rank higher in 2021

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Most ON- page SEO guides and articles on the internet offer broad suggestions like “write better content” or “increase loading speed,”. Which practically everyone learning SEO has already heard.

You won’t need to read this right now if that’s all it takes to rank higher in Google search.

I’m going to share with you here are five specific, concrete measures you can take right now to take your SEO game to the next level.  Especially if you’re a new/small business with a well-defined niche market.

Increasing clicks

Let’s start with clicks, specifically how to get more Google clicks without actually ranking higher because that is the most appealing aspects of SEO. If you can obtain more clicks from the ranks you already have, you don’t need to rank higher to generate more visitors. So, let’s discuss some particular tactics for raising clicks without increasing rankings.

Numbers in titles

Use numbers in titles, as well as meta descriptions. Some previously released study says that adding dates to titles improved rankings for a specific brand. Numbers are consider as one of the first things to try in title tags, and they typically generate pretty consistent results. Dates in title tags, in particular, are frequently a winner, such as December 2021.

Don’t be obnoxious about it. If it doesn’t make sense, don’t include it, and don’t make it up. However, using a number will almost always enhance your click-through rate for any given inquiry.

FAQ and how-to schema

schema, particularly FAQ and how-to schema. When Google added them in search results, it was a significant gift to us. You get a lot of SERP real estate with the FAQ schema. You can’t always win it, and you can’t always win the how-to schema. Still, when you do, it can significantly boost or affect the number of people who click on your result and explore those FAQ schemas. It isn’t suitable for every page. You’ll want to double-check that those FAQs are truly on your pages. However, it is one approach to generate clicks in the right circumstances without affecting your Google rating.

Relaunch top content

After a few years, content can get stale. As a result, we launch material. You’ve created a blog, launched it, and promoted it on social media. After that, most people forget about it. So go back and take a look at your most popular material from the recent years. And see what you can relaunch by changing it while retaining the same URL. So, in 2021, conduct a relaunch audit.

Increase internal linking

increasing the number of internal links When it comes to swiftly increasing rankings for customers, many top SEO services already realize that two levers are the easiest to pull. Among them the first is to use title tags and meta descriptions to increase clicks, but the second is to increase internal links. You’re probably aware that you can improve internal linking on your site. There are possibly some options you haven’t considered. So let’s look at a handful of quick ways to accomplish this without putting in too much effort

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